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Drug Intervention In Arizona



A drug is defined as any substance that has a physiological effect when it is taken. Drugs that are available over-the-counter or via prescription are intended to treat or prevent a disease. However, there are a number of harmful and illegal drugs. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana and LSD are examples of some of the illicit drugs.

Drug abuse is an extremely common problem. It is estimated that the United States spends $600 billion each year on problems related to drug abuse. Approximately nine percent of the United States population has used an illicit drug within the past 30 days. While prescription drugs have saved lives, they can be harmful if they are misused. The number of people abusing prescription drugs is on the rise. In 2006, nearly three million people in America abused prescription drugs.


Any prescription drug has the potential to be abused. However, opioid painkillers are the drug that is abused the most often. Nearly 38 percent of the prescription drug related deaths are caused by opioid painkillers. Many people do not realize that abusing prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as abusing illicit drugs. In fact, half of teenagers believe that prescription drugs are safe to use for recreational purposes.


A drug addiction can ruin or end a person’s life, but drug treatment is available. However, most people will deny that they have a problem and have to be convinced that they need help. Drug intervention in Arizona has helped many people get the treatment that they need. In many cases, a drug intervention is the difference between life and death. Contrary to what is often displayed on television, intervention is about more than just getting a person to agree to go to treatment. The interventionist will educate and empower the family members of the person who has an addiction. He or she will also work with the individual after treatment has been completed.


Signs Of Drug Addiction

People who are addicted to a drug will focus a lot of their time and energy on trying to get more of it. They may also engage in risky behavior. Additionally, some people will steal if they cannot afford to pay for the drug.




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