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Heroin Intervention in Arizona



In 2007 a national survey was conducted that evaluated drug use and health trends across the United States. In addition to the national data, data was compiled to evaluate trends in each state. Arizona led an unfortunate number of categories for drug use and abuse. With almost a thousand deaths as a direct result of drug use in 2007, Arizona far exceeded the national average in that category. Additionally, Arizona was one of the top ten states for the rate of use of drugs other than marijuana among young adults age 18-25. {whitehouse.gov}

With so many people using heroin, there is a great toll being taken on individuals and families throughout the state of Arizona. Individuals living with addiction battle a serious and dangerous substance every day. Heroin is a highly addictive substance with a host of negative side effects. Not only are users at risk of an accidental overdose, they also risk having damage to their heart, lungs and brain with prolonged heroin use.


The effect of heroin on the Family

While the affects of heroin on the body have been extensively studied what is often overlooked is how seriously heroin use affects the family unit. Entire families are being ripped apart because of the addiction of one family member. Many of these families work extremely hard to get their loved one the help they desperately need but they often see their efforts fail. This can cause a high level of frustration and stress.

With heroin rates soaring the number of people affected by this drug is in the thousands. It touches parents, children, spouses, family members, friends and anyone close to the person battling addiction. While many on the outside think that the affect on the family is minimal this is not the case. In some cases the greatest toll is taken on the people left to watch the addiction unfold with little to do about it.

Thankfully hope is not lost. There is a wide range of options for a heroin intervention in Arizona so change is very possible. It is simply a matter of finding the right services to help the loved one living with addiction as well as the family members who are also being affected. There are services available to help all of the members of the family. The road to sobriety is one that is most effective when the entire family walks it together.





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