Interventionist in Arizona


successstartshereIf someone you love is living with an addiction you may feel like you are not able to truly help. This is not the case. By finding an Interventionist in Arizona you can put your loved one on the right path.

A 2007 study conducted to evaluate the use of drugs throughout the United States showed that the state of Arizona had a rate of drug-induced deaths higher than that of the national average. Additionally, approximately 9 percent of Arizona residents over the age of twelve report using an illicit drug within the past month. These statistics place Arizona among the top ten states for drug use for adult’s aged 18-25. {} With so much addiction why is it that so few people are able to get help? The answer is largely that many families and individuals living with addiction do not know how to find the help they need.


What is an Intervention?

Many families may not realize that there is a process where a trained mental health professional comes to your home and helps you convince an addicted family member that they need to get help. This process is called an Intervention. Throughout the preparation and actual Intervention an Interventionist will work closely with your family to provide information, support and counseling as needed.


What is an Interventionist?

An Interventionist is an advocate that works with and for your family as a whole. They are people who approach addiction as a family matter, not just one person. Your chosen Interventionist will help you plan for and carry out the Intervention meeting and set up a treatment plan so when your loved one agrees to treatment it can happen immediately.


What should I look for?

There are a few key elements you should look for when seeking the services of an Interventionist. First, this person should hold a degree in a relevant field, such as psychology or social services. Second, they should have extensive experience working with families like yours. Third, this should be a person you feel very comfortable with. As your family works through this difficult and delicate process having someone who you can trust and rely on is key to having a successful Intervention.


Finding real and lasting help may be simple as finding the right Interventionist in Arizona. By hiring someone with the experience and credentials to help your loved one you can be the path to sobriety.